Ed Leeman - #100DaysToOffload

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Day 14

Mar 30, 2021
Shioli, that’s all

Day 13 - Disable JavaScript to view this site?

Mar 29, 2021
I have fallen down a bit of a rabbit hole. Said rabbit hole is around disabling JavaScript to view certain websites. All as part of a privacy movement originally started by GNU. My first experience of this movement was HeydonWorks . Which just proves that you don’t need JavaScript to have a beautiful website. I had a look at how The Self-Hosting Blog performs. And well, not too great.

Day 12 - I think it's working now

Mar 28, 2021
I think I have it working now, for some reason Syncthing changed all the permissions of my web folder. I may have to sync to another folder and copy the new blog posts into my web folder. I’ll have a play around. It seems like it might be behaving itself now though.

Day 11 - Blogging from an Android

Mar 27, 2021
I think I have this blogging from Android sussed. We’ll know if it works if this post gets deployed. I have set up a cronjob on my server which will run the Hugo command to build the static pages. I have also set up Syncthing on my blog server and linked it to my phone. I’m currently writing this on Markor, using the Hugo template. I just need to work out how to make my own template to add in draft just to make sure that nothing gets deployed as I’m writing.

Day 10 - Deleted docker-compose

Mar 26, 2021
Today, we ran out of space on a drive which was running an internal wiki. Unfortunately for us, we lost the docker-compose file which contained the database password used to get the data for our wiki. Luckily, the container was still running, even if it wasn’t we probably could have spun up an old containers using something from docker ps -a. As the container was still running, we exec’d into it with docker exec -it <container_id> bash and we’re able to run the env command which revealed the password that was set in the docker-compose file.

Day 9 - Dabbling with Bash, public repository alerting

Mar 25, 2021
I have been playing around with Bash over the last 24 hours, which has had its highs and lows. I still don’t understand when to echo a variable into another variable and when to do a direct assignment. But it’s early days for me. I’m looking to take a more architectural approach to my day job, which means spending even more time in the Linux environment. I’d like to automate a lot of my repetitive tasks, reason 1 being that I save some time, reason 2 being that I will definitely forget to do the task.

Day 8 - Our first sponsorship

Mar 24, 2021
We got our first sponsorship on The Self-Hosting Blog , albeit, my parter! But it was a nice surprise and I didn’t ask for it! Even though it shouldn’t officially count, something inside me is feeling motivated, almost like it was all worth it, you know? With the blog, we’re going to have a guest blogger. He’s Piete, over at https://www.pietersartain.com who is doing some really cool stuff with Ansible at the moment.

Day 7 - Blog Automation

Mar 23, 2021
I have recently discovered that a lot of my posts over at The Self-Hosting Blog follow the same passage. Introduction about the Software Provisioning your server Installing prerequisite requirements Installing the thing Configuring Nginx Port forwarding Certbot Recap The only thing that really changes is step 4, maybe step 3 depending on whether Docker is required or not. Why aren’t I automating this. I think I know why, the content will be shite.

Day 6 - Virtual Computing

Mar 22, 2021
A friend of mine has recently set up his own virtual server. Which allows him to run 3 virtual machines on a single machine. He has spoken about it over on his blog . There are 4 parts to the series which go through picking the parts, technical challenges, and finally the end result. It’s a really interesting read, I’d highly recommend checking it out. He’s using Proxmox, which I have some experience with, but not to the extent of what he has managed to achieve with it.

Day 5 - Freelance Writing

Mar 21, 2021
I’m starting to enjoy writing these blog posts. I mean, I enjoy writing, I just haven’t been very good at it. I often struggle with trying to think of an idea to write about, but I’m five days in now and haven’t run out of ideas yet! I think I’m finding my flow now. I have already met so many interesting people as a result of #100DaysToOffLoad. The guys over at Fosstodon.