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CD into a cloned Git repository

Regularly I clone down repositories into a directory and then have to manually pluck the repository name out of the clone URL to cd into the cloned directory.

I found the following snippet which will extract the repository name out of the clone url and cd into it.

1# ~/.zshrc/.bashrc/whatever...
2alias cdr='cd $(basename $_ .git)'

This can then be used as…

1~ git clone my-repository-url 
2~ cdr

Or even better…

1# ~/.zshrc/.bashrc/whatever...
2function git() {
3    if [ $1 = "clone" ]
4    then 
5        command git $@ && cd "$(basename "$_" .git)"
6    else
7        command git $@
8    fi


Published on March 11, 2024


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