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About me

Hi, I’m Ed. I’m a Platform Engineer based in Portsmouth, UK. I currently work for Stepstone Group.

I am a keen writer over at my main blog The Self-Hosting Blog where I write informative tutorials on how to self-host opensource software. I try to keep the blog posts simple, to try and show my readers how easy it is to spin up their own applications, rather than using centralised software.

My current focuses are home-networking and server hosting.

You’ll find that some of the posts that I have written on my other blog have been cross-posted here.

Email: [email protected]

To send me an encrypted email, my OpenPGP public key is available on public keyservers. Modern email clients should pick it up automatically. If not, you can find my public key here

Key ID: 0x5C8C3EF2838E6186

PGP Fingerprint: 9506 7F25 B68B EB77 E09D DCD2 5C8C 3EF2 838E 6186