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We got our first sponsorship on The Self-Hosting Blog, albeit, my parter! But it was a nice surprise and I didn’t ask for it! Even though it shouldn’t officially count, something inside me is feeling motivated, almost like it was all worth it, you know?

With the blog, we’re going to have a guest blogger. He’s Piete, over at https://www.pietersartain.com who is doing some really cool stuff with Ansible at the moment. He also has an interest in self-hosting.

He has recently started a company over at hyperrational.tech/ where his software helps manage 3D printed models.

The blog has been migrated over to the UK so that we’re a bit closer to home. I do intend on self-hosting the blog on my home server. But for now, I don’t trust my ISP enough. I’m testing it by running this site on a Raspberry Pi 4, VLAN’d on my home network. So far it is holding up well, but this site only receives around 1% of the traffic that The Self-Hosting Blog gets.

I think it’ll be fine if I use something like Cloudflare. I need to find a cheap way of maybe load balancing between my Digital Ocean droplet and my self-hosted instance. That way I can A/B test the 2 services and see how my self-hosted instance performs. I think I might be able to set up a new droplet in Digital Ocean to do this manually, rather than using their Load Balancer, which I think only works on internal networked droplets.

Something to think about, let me know if you have any ideas!

Published on March 24, 2021


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