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How to prevent being flooded with emails

I’ve just moved companies and I am already being flooded with emails. Some are important, some not so much.

I could just put my PC into Do Not Disturb mode, but what if I miss something directed at me personally.

This is where email rules come in, all major email providers can do this.

But have you considered this rule?

If the email is directly intended for me i.e my email is in the To: field, then send it to my Inbox.

If I am CC: or BCC: send it to an Indirect folder, which I will not get a popup notification for. I can then read those in my own time, without getting distracted. I mean, I’m cc’d, it can’t require my immediate attention.

Small little life saver for me personally, thought I’d share it with you.

Published on August 3, 2021


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