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I have recently discovered that a lot of my posts over at The Self-Hosting Blog follow the same passage.

  1. Introduction about the Software
  2. Provisioning your server
  3. Installing prerequisite requirements
  4. Installing the thing
  5. Configuring Nginx
  6. Port forwarding
  7. Certbot
  8. Recap

The only thing that really changes is step 4, maybe step 3 depending on whether Docker is required or not.

Why aren’t I automating this.

I think I know why, the content will be shite. It’ll lack personal touch.

Yes it’s repetitive, but then again, the service that I am providing is to walk someone through how to set this stuff up. It is very similar between projects. If I was to extract the repetitive steps into another blog post, my main blog posts would lack the content. It’ll just be “Run this Docker Compose script”.

Basically I keep contradicting myself. I’m worried about SEO rankings if I plagiarise my own content too much. But I’m also worried about lacking the content to be ranked by SEO.

I think my posts perform better when I write them from scratch. My tutorials on self-hosting Standard Notes and Bitwarden are on the first page of Google.

I’m trying to balance time with reward. I think I need to pick one.

Let me know your thoughts below if you have any.


Published on March 23, 2021


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