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A friend of mine has recently set up his own virtual server. Which allows him to run 3 virtual machines on a single machine. He has spoken about it over on his blog. There are 4 parts to the series which go through picking the parts, technical challenges, and finally the end result. It’s a really interesting read, I’d highly recommend checking it out.

He’s using Proxmox, which I have some experience with, but not to the extent of what he has managed to achieve with it. I used to run Proxmox in my loft to host all of my internal services. More recently though, I have had to retire my server to be my desktop machine. Requirements became a little more resource intensive, that my Dell XPS 13 couldn’t even handle.

I miss my server, and I’m looking forward to spinning it back up again. But for now, I’m stuck with 5 Raspberry Pi’s. Don’t get be wrong, there’s an infinite number of projects that you can do with a Raspberry Pi, I just miss having a huge Proxmox instance where I can spin up new virtual environments and play around with them. Rather than wiping the Pi’s and waiting for the SD card to fail.

Having this blog on my Raspberry Pi keeps me up at night, it doesn’t get a lot of traffic, but I don’t trust SD cards.

I know that it’s possible to run the Pi from a USB storage drive. But I haven’t looked into that just yet. Maybe I should…

I had someone outing me over email today also. Telling me that I don’t practice what I preach with iThe Self-Hosting Blog. Which is absolutley true. Therefore, I need to self-host The Self-Hosting Blog, and ditch Cloudflare.

Is anyone reading this have a large website that is hosted from a Raspberry Pi 4? How does it handle? Let me know either in the comments or on my Mastodon!

Until tomorrow!

Published on March 22, 2021


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