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I decided not to put ads on the site. They make the site look poo and it doesn’t sit with me ethically. I did however make 30p which ia just about enough to buy myself a Freddo. Ads suck, in general, and as a source of income. They’re spammy, obtrusive and distract the readers from the content that you’ve worked so hard to produce.

So, I have made the executive decision not the run ads on The Self-Hosting Blog. There is, however, a buy me a coffee link for anyone feeling super generous.

Without running ads, I do have some bragging rights as I believe there’s one maybe two cookies on the entire site. Until you open the buy me a coffee widget that is. I’ve added the BMC link to the footer of my site, so I might see how it performs there and ditch the widget. Then it’ll definitely only be one or two cookies.


I want to start a movement. #CookieZero (bit like Inbox Zero I guess)

You heard it here first, I will build a site to showcase us fellow content creators who can achieve #CookieZero. Let’s take back privacy on the web.

Send me your blog urls with #CookieZero and I will add you to the hall of fame (once I have built the site). Either in the comments below, or through Mastodon!

Published on March 21, 2021


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