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At The Self-Hosting Blog, we are huge advocates for online privacy. We believe that you should never have to compromise your own privacy, just to use the internet.

Today, in an age where giving up your personal details to randomers on the web is way too common, we want to make a change and give you back your rights.

This is why we’ve decided that we can make better choices with this blog.

We’re going to make it our mission to provide the best experience for our readers (you), without sacrificing your rights to privacy and anonymity.

Starting from today, we have shifted our website tracking over to a more privacy-friendly service known as Plausible Analytics. This will be our alternative over Google Analytics.

Plausible Analytics

Plausible is a lightweight, ethical, open-source and privacy-friendly Google Analytics alternative. Google Analytics collects more data than the average site owner needs to analyse their business, meaning that there is a lot of data being sent to the site owner that is unnecessary and will never be used. Plausible focuses only on the important web analytics data required for a business to get what it needs.

The tracking data that Plausible collects are completely in our control. Your tracking details are not sold on to third-parties. Nor is it mined or harvested for personal or behavioural trends.

Plausible is completely open-source, meaning that anybody can view their source code and evaluate what the company is doing behind the scenes. With Google Analytics, we have no way of knowing what’s being processed on their servers. We don’t need to trust Plausible, because they’ve made it so we don’t have to.

Although we are tracking visits with Plausible, we don’t know who you are. We also don’t know whether you return to our site or not. To us, you’re anonymous. We don’t care who you are (we still love you though!).

We do know where you are coming from though. Because we have this information, we are able to provide a better service to you. 68% of our traffic comes from the United States of America. This is why we have moved our server location to the US to provide you with a snappier service.

Don’t fear! The Plausible servers are hosted in the EU.

Plausible is also available for self-hosting! Which is amazing. We’ll be looking into this in the future. But for the time being, we’ll be using the Plausible paid plan to supply our website analytics.


We have also made the switch from Disqus to Commento. Commento gives us the ability to embed comments, without giving up your privacy. Making Commento the perfect alternative to Disqus.

Commento does not track you, meaning that there is no personal information passed around when you are interacting with us. There are no third-party trackers and no information is sold to other companies.

Commento allows you to post anonymously. So there’s no need to hand over any personal data, just to share your thoughts on our blog.

We do have the ability for you to create an account with Commento when interacting with our blog posts so that you can be notified when we send you a reply!

If you just want to send us some positive vibes, feel free to do so,  anonymously!

We don’t care who you are, because we don’t need to know

We don’t need your data, we don’t need your real name. We advocate for privacy and want to support you.

Let’s work towards making the web a more ethical place.

Published on March 3, 2021


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